we believe that simplicity is the key to good design, that quality inspires joy, and that finely handcrafted furniture contributes to our well being.

We are a design + custom furniture studio specializing in exquisitely handcrafted modern furniture, made from urban salvage and responsibly sourced American hardwoods.

Timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship inform each piece we make.  

Our furniture can be custom ordered to meet your specific needs. Whether for small space urban living, or larger residential and commercial environments, our goal is to create simply elegant modern furniture, thoughtfully built to last for generations. 



our approach to design is rooted in simplicity + connection. 

Designed with versatility and integration in mind, our pieces are inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture, and lend warmth and light to any environment. Our signature notched joinery, beveled edges and tapered legs, combine to create designs that are a natural fit with any style decor.

For over a decade, handcrafted, custom-made dining tables have been one of our specialities. Whether custom designing for businesses or individuals, we are obsessed with the details, and committed to delivering our clients the superior design and quality that we are known for. 

We’re honored that our furniture lives in residential and commercial spaces across the country from coast-to-coast.



Your living space is your lifestyle

Quality inspires joy, whether in time spent together or in the furniture you live with. Creating an environment you love, and investing in where you live and work, are two of the most important things we can do for our health.  Our personal spaces are a reflection of our inner lives, as much as our outer ones.  They are sanctuaries that we can create and control, and their importance deepens in chaotic times.

Sometimes joy is a choice.

We think that the furniture you choose to live and work with, is part of creating a lifestyle that inspires and reflects the best version of ourselves.